ENGLISH ABSTRACT n. 1_Prof.ssa A.Casu

Contributions for foreign students:
ALESSANDRA CASU_Oliena: Geography, Environment, Landscape, Settlment: an example for regenerating a relation.
Wind and environment: bio-climatic corridors.
En example workshop_Detailed plan of the old town. To built the future refurbishing the past. Schemes of natural cooling in traditional typology_Case studies: 1_the palace; 2_the private attached house in gothic lot; 3_the public building with a courtyard.
Guidelines for local government_General: – Rational use of resources – Decrease CO2 emissions – Saving energy resources – Energy Autonomy – Implementing the Covenant of Mayors – Access to economic and financial resources_Specific: – Rehabilitation of passive historical systems – Increase environmental comphort- Economic saving- Simplify the use of regulations- Economic reappraisal of the house- Protection of the rights for the buyer.

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