ENGLISH ABSTRACT n.5_Sociologist M.Abis-Economist A.Airoldi

The recovery of historic villages into a new model of welfare: social and economic prospects:
Big Social Trend:
In the world
– Increase of the world population: 7 billions today, over 9 billions in 2030;
– Increase of life expectation;
– Explosive urbanization: 70% of world population in the cities at 2025-2030;
– Growth in the number of mega-cities. Increase the importance of the cities’s Economy;
– Shifting the market center of gravity from supply to demand, from production to consumption;
In Italy
– Radical changes in the family;
– Resident population decrease;
– Over 65 years exceeds 13.5 million and is 22.3% of the total population;
There are 2.430 cities with fewer than 5.000 people suffering from severe discomfort. Over the last 25 years, 1 out of 7 people left. Almost two million empty homes, 1 every three are not occupied.
Oliena_is “Orange Flag” of italian Touring Club. Quality brand of tourism and environment for the offering of excellence and quality reception. Territory: from the close Supramonte to Barbagia of Ollolai there are wealth of diversified and articulated lanscapes. Excellence of territorial location.
The opportunity_The Residence: through housing re-use of empty homes, we have to create a new and efficient offer of quality for: old people that are looking for new housing solutions,
new inhabitants. Telematics and technological innovation that allow:
– Overcoming of “digital divide”;
– Informal diffusion of know-how;

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